We were first introduced to Michael Angelo Design in 1992 when we were looking for a ring to celebrate our twenty year wedding anniversary. We found the perfect ring at a local jewelry store, a Michael Angelo custom designed ring. It was to replace my wife’s original plain wedding band. We were thrilled with it then, and continued to be for twenty-five years, but when it came time to add an anniversary band to it you could see that all those year of wearing it every day had taking it’s toll. The lines weren’t quite as crisp and clean as they once were. After meeting with Michael and his staff and discussing some options, we decided to recast the ring. Michael did not disappoint us. WOW! The reconstruct ring along with the new anniversary ring are very impressive.

Thank you Michael for helping us celebrate our forty-fifth wedding anniversary and getting it done on time, even before the busy Christmas Season.

Ever since he designed our wedding rings (25 years), Michael has been my go-to guy for jewelry. He is a thoughtful listener and a gentle guide through the design process to finished product. The quality of materials and craftsmanship is top notch. Just last year, he created a ring for my wife for our 25th wedding anniversary. The results are nothing short of astounding.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I still smile every time I look at my wedding ring. I cannot thank you enough for reworking my wedding ring. Your are the best!

Attached are pictures from our wedding of the ring you designed for us. Gorgeous! The day was amazing, and I look forward to the happily ever after now. Thank you so much.

Michael – when you first showed my the ring design you had in mind for my ruby, I knew that it was going to be a great piece. I wanted something simple, elegant and contemporary. The finished ring is truly a great piece – one that friends of mine greatly admire. Thanks for your work and inspiration!

For our 50th wedding anniversary, I was delighted when my husband gave me this exquisite necklace designed and made by Michael Angelo. Whenever I wear it I receive compliments on its design, uniqueness or beauty. I cannot say enough or be more pleased with this elegant necklace.

Michael… My ring is amazing! I thank you so much for the beautiful work you did with my ring. My engagement ring was so modern and “me” – that I struggled for months to find just the right wedding band. In my mind, there was a perfect compliment to be found… I just didn’t know where it was!

After contacting you and discussing which Michael Angelo design I had and what I thought I wanted (two bands, one on either side of the engagement ring) – you gained my trust, advised me on sending my engagement ring safely, quoted me fairly and were always in communication regarding the status of the work. You understand the sentimental importance of this symbol of the love that Steve and I share, and you cared for it, designed a beautiful set of bands to match the engagement ring, and returned it to me within the time you had promised. I’m more than thrilled with the end result!
Thank you!

Michael Pilla has created three rings for me over the past 15 or so years. Each of them is exquisite and always elicits compliments from people. The most recent creation is especially significant for me as I worked with him to design the setting to make use of stones from two other rings which I no longer wore.

The result is a very significant piece of jewelry and one which I have been wearing every day since I picked it up from his studio. A friend so admires the ring that she wants something equally special for herself; she’s eager to work with Michael to create it.

We are very pleased with the rings, earrings, and bracelet that we had designed by Michael Angelo for us over the many years, (20 years to be exact).

All the best – and God Bless you and America,